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  • OccamsRayzor 9.3.2017
    More anonymous strips deleted. Reading comprehension is very low with some, it seems.
  • OccamsRayzor 8.3.2017
    Anonymous strips have been deleted.
  • julian724 28.2.2017
    apparently I started the tournament too quickly. The original tournament strip was 5 days ago, and considering the small amount of people on the site I didn't see anyone else joining.
  • julian724 27.2.2017
    @snakoil, it's a bit of a competition. see, in a little I am going to make a bracket. you are going to make a comic of your characters fighting, and then based off of the comic you make a winner is chosen to move to the next round. The fights happen in a plane between dimensions. if you check my booklet "tournament" it will make more sense.
  • snakeoil 27.2.2017
    not sure what's going on here but did anyone win the last contest here?
    the one last Christmas

    edited by owner

  • tyronecarino100 26.2.2017
    you sure do want attention, just to see one of us users fight

    keep it up, man

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