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anonymous on 2. May, 2016 — Lang: English

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    Social Studies Project



    Hi! I'm here to talk about a program called the...

    Higher Special Needs Education Program (HSNEP)

    What's that for?

    And who even cares?

    Well, it's a program to provide more special needs teachers and to help not keep special needs classes and regular classes so seperated. And many people care. About 1 out of 5 people have a disability. So them and their friends and family care.

    Oh snaps! You just got educated!

    Then there's a lot of people who would benefit. Students will become more open minded by the new people they're meeting. Then there would be more jobs because of the demand of special needs teachers, well, as current teachers say Also more people willing after meeting and caring for those who it affects. Then on top of that it will make our nation look better to others because we'll be known as open minded and caring.

    Buts thats just my two cents

    Just because people care and it'll benefit us, who is gonna help and even socialize with special needs kids?

    I'm glad you asked! That'd be our future generation! In a small study taken from eighth graders, 26 out of 26 said they'd be friends with a special needs kid. That's 100% Then 15 out of 26 said they'd gone to a special needs event. That's 58% So these are the people who will help this cause!!

    Ok ok, we get it! But HOW can we help!

    Well that's easy! The main thing you can do is bug the crap out of your school board and state representitives! If enough people argrue for more special needs teachers and more involvement in regular classes they'd have no choice but to give the ok to HSNEP!! But besides that you can donate money, even if it's 5 cents, to help pay for scholarships and payment for the new Teachers! On top of that your local community or school can hold bake sales, garage sales, marathons, and so on to raise money!

    Dang...That name sure is a mouthful! It'd be nice if people thought of a new name and sent in their ideas...

    Speaking of money... How much is it!

    Well... if you have 1 full ride scholarship that'd be $22,661-$43,289 depending on if it's a public or private school. Then, of course, it depends on how many schools will give out scholarships and how many each is giving.

    To provide more teachers and open the minds of the future generation... ANNOY YOUR GOVERMENT! TODAY!

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