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Bawk The Bawk

Pen_alias on 22. Apr, 2016 — Lang: English

Bawk The Bawk
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    There are a lot of fallacies going around these days regarding chickens.

    Oh, you mean like the one about how we can’t talk?

    No, that one is true.

    Oh, right.

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • dormaels_raf 24.4.2016
  • Pen_alias 23.4.2016
    It's very difficult to think up jokes with all those crickets chirping around here.
  • Quag54 23.4.2016
    Congratz with only 2 thumbs up ! :D
    I just made it 3.

    edited by owner

  • NeoChomik 22.4.2016
    that means there's a translator who listens !

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