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Sexy lawyer

Netrunner on 8. Apr, 2016 — Lang: Français

Sexy lawyer
  • This strip is a reply to Panama papers... and others



    The presence of my client in this courthouse is a non sense !

    27% of french people think that a rapist is less responsible if the girl was wearing sexy outfits. And 20% that "no" often mean "yes" *.

    * Sadly authentic. From a study in march 2016.

    The so-called victim was wearing sexy outfits. That's normal my client think she want to have sex. SHE IS GUILTY !

    Hei, pssssst.


    Did anyone ever tell you that you look gorgeous in that lawyer dress ?


    AAAAAAH ! Help me... Stop him...

    Well, all is normal. That's true you're really sexy in that dress.

    Every man, like me, will said that this guy isn't a rapist.

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  • stihl 10.7.2019
  • NeoChomik 9.4.2016
    I like how people love the idea of rape being a laughing manner.
  • abrotons 8.4.2016
    great!! very good!
  • MadameCercle 8.4.2016
    Belle planche éducative.
  • thecomedyhen 8.4.2016
    In South Africa a lot of woman abuse ìs blamed on woman for wearing short dresses. Even the South African president used the excuse. He also said he can't get aids because he washes after..... yeah my president didn't finish school....

    Sadly what I said is true . Google Jacob Zuma
  • Ynad 8.4.2016

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