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Fallout S.G. : Build a wall

julian724 on 12. Mar, 2016 — Lang: English

Fallout S.G. : Build a wall
  • This strip is a reply to Fallout SG: Finally on track



    You got anything better?

    He could have died, or got whatever that tracker is in stolen.

    Trust me, my brother is still alive.

    What if he isn't still here

    They built a wall over the whole province of S.G. like the one you had in the game of kill.

    You don't think he could make it through?

    No, not on her own, not on this environment.

    You sure this is were your brother is at? he might have dropped it.

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  • tyronecarino100 26.2.2017
  • Chavo 10.5.2016
    Have u played Fallout?
  • julian724 6.5.2016
    My entire series is fallout based right now.
  • Chavo 6.5.2016
    Who here loves Fallout ✊
  • MadameCercle 12.3.2016
  • Netrunner 12.3.2016
    Well done
  • A2H 12.3.2016
    I guess the power went out in the rest of the strip. Nice 3 frames though.
  • julian724 12.3.2016
    It was just announced in this comic. to keep all the radiation contained, the government created a wall around Tue whole province (sg is a province in this). It's so there is more Yi the plot then: find neo, have a falling out with each other.
  • NeoChomik 12.3.2016
    What a marveolous waste of space :D

    also i have no memories of a wall thing. might need some recap

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