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Letter from Elijah

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Letter from Elijah
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    By:Elijah Fennell
    *Ok, maybe a little real xD*



    Ha ha... Maybe, let's keep reading.

    ...Then, after the ceremony was over, they decided to crown me for my peom. So, I attended my coronination, with a writen poem of course. I read it at my coronanation and everyone loved it. Then, they wanted me to stay there forever, but I don't think China is my seen. So, I got reading offers, which caused me to go on tour. Then, I stopped liking poetry and went on to adding rythem to my poems, making them raps. So now Im on world tour for my raping. I have a show in 5 minutes, until next time!


    That's really what it says!! Wow!

    A few weeks later...

    Hey buddy!!!

    Woah! You've changed Elijah!

    The End.



    History, Comedy, Non-fiction
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