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Saving the house

anonymous on 24. Feb, 2016 — Lang: English

Saving the house
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    double click to write...

    I need to go to work as a nurse how about you see your friends!

    Ok! BYE!

    double click to write...

    Hi ben! Whats that in the distance!

    Errgh what where oh!Hi sally!Thats my cranberry table


    Thats weird whats with that cranberry thing I can see those tables in every house I see

    Eh! its probobly some stupid thing.

    double click to write...

    The next day

    Oh No evil sins!Thats what the cranberrys do they protect the house!

    Cranberrys!Please! Here 10 Coins

    9.99 Thank you here one as change.

    House is safe!Saved the day agian!Knew i was the smartest

    double click to write...

    Hi!Im back

    isop, religion, tradition
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