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Infinity's library

Basbruit on 8. Feb, 2016 — Lang: English

Infinity's library
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    Just thinking.



    Imagine if you like, that everybody's life is a book.

    And those books are sitting on Infinity's bookshelf.

    The life and times

    It's got a chapter where I fly planes, one in wich I cook, and tying it all together: a backstory.

    This raises many questions: How thick is my book, did Infinity read it and how many white pages are there left?

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  • richard_burkhart 6.2.2017
    I read the end of mine...I died.
  • NeoChomik 9.2.2016
    I don't know, but my life must be Infinity's Twilight Saga in terms of quality.

    But in all honesty, pretty good strip.

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  • calm 8.2.2016
    OH! These are very good questions.
    I imagine YOU may already have a good idea of how thick it is--as you have already written it.
    As for Infinity reading it?---hmmm...I think not.
    My wish is that future white pages are sprinkled with colorful flairs of happiness and last until the finale!
  • mansoor 8.2.2016

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