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Fallout SG: Julian official character sheet

julian724 on 23. Jan, 2016 — Lang: English

Fallout SG: Julian official character sheet
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    Name: Julian Schultz Alignment: Chaotic Good Species: Human (Cyborg) Age: 19 Faction: Independent Bio: An Ex-hero who saved SG city years ago but took over the city in a misguided attempt to get someone to kill a witch hiding in the city. He had to flee leaving her alive and came back to the city years later the same day NeoChomik Took over the city with an army of robots and tried to save the city but failed when a nuclear bomb got set off. He survived and thinks that Neo set off the bomb and is out to "Avenge The City". FIghting style: Usually He Jumps around, bouncing off of walls and using sonic the hedgehog like mid air boosts, and Blasting his gun a high speeds, verry mobile. When in close quarters he fights more like how someone would play a FPS game and when unarmed he fights in a style simaler to drunken fist, in a way that looks verry sloppy and disorderly throwing off his opponents while secretly being ordered and very powerful hits. Special abilities: V.A.T.S. auto aim system, lazer eye, blacklight eye scanner, one mid-air boost, Can grind on wires and rails, can run on walls, can bounce off of enamies like sonic the hedgehog, can modify his voice. Wepons and equipment: TNTeddy gun(shoots exploding stuffed rabbits), Doubble-barrel plasma pistol, High fidelity gun (shoots Records that bounces and hits enamies, Charge beam built into arm, Coustom built gadget ment to emulate the Pip-boy 3000, Thruster in left leg, Bat-Ball.

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