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its all about the FaZe hoverboard / part 2

shaili on 1. Jan, 2016 — Lang: English

its all about the FaZe hoverboard / part 2
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    hello guys!
    this is part 2 of the comix sieres!
    the part 1 was : its all about the mlg controller..
    make sure 2 live a like if you engoy!
    sorry for my english guys..
    go for part 1 if you dont read it :)
    part 3 tomrow!
    please live a commend and post me a privay msg if you have an idea
    have a good time !



    another day without anything 2 do ..

    radio 78..
    every moment...
    today we gonna talk about gaming videos!
    we have here FaZe Clan!
    faze: hello boys out there!
    today we are giveing for you an mlg hoverdorad FaZe stayel!

    FaZe hoverboard???

    all you need 2 do is just get into the site of FaZe and clicke on the "hoverboard"
    and wait 24 hours!
    radio: thats all?
    FaZe: yes!
    radio: so go and click on that!!

    faze faze.. faze faze... faze faze..

    double click to write...

    andddd.... done! yes! now i need to wait 24 hours!


    there is 9340
    votes for the hoverboard right now...
    there is 2 hours left..

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