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its all about the controller / part 1

shaili on 31. Dec, 2015 — Lang: English

its all about the controller / part 1
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    hello guys !
    this is my first comix!
    my new comix is about xbox controller!
    its realy what's happnd to me !!
    so this is just part 1!
    cuz i need to learn this site..
    so with for part 2 !
    its gonna come tomrow!



    is name is shai
    he is from israel
    he love 2 do comix and he loves to play pc games..

    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    one day...

    mom! i just find
    the most mlg controller in the world!! can i have it?

    no son, we dont have money 2 pay for the controller..

    but mom! you know how much i love mlg!

    you are right..
    but im sorry son! i dont have money for that!

    mlg, xbox, pc, comics, comix, kid, me, first, boring, funny, meme, memes, youtube, quickscope, israel, real
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  • Zuber 1.1.2016
    Good job :)
  • shaili 1.1.2016
    please like for more :D
    i will do the next part next week

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