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some exposition

Geoviking on 5. Dec, 2015 — Lang: English

some exposition
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    tap tap tap
    type type
    tappity tap

    I lived in New York most of my life.
    I bounced around from job to job, "career" to "career."
    I acted a bit.

    My very last acting gig was in a
    comic strip. I know.
    Not as glam as tv or the movies -
    that's what people say. But hey,
    it's a good job, it does pay,
    it's a good medium and you do
    get your face out there.

    The strip I was in was written by
    a guy who used the
    pen name Geoviking.

    After I left New York - and that strip - I went to California, lived in a few different cities. Ended up in a cabin
    out in the middle of nowhere.
    I was writing a novel.
    Kind of. I had blockage.
    Writer's block.
    Ugh. It sucks.

    Recently, I heard that Geoviking had
    suddenly stopped - ended - the strip
    he was currently writing. Well.
    No big deal. That strip was crap.
    But he did put a lot of people
    out of work by giving up on it,
    including my friend Rex.

    I wondered - still wonder - if this Geoviking guy has (or had) writer's block as well. Just like me - he stopped putting his poetry online.
    Just like me - his writing had turned to crap, then stopped.
    Had he stopped by choice?
    Or was he blocked?

    He also left New York, and moved to the middle of the country. I grabbed my friend Rex, and some other friends, and we're heading out there to find him. Maybe I'm looking to help a fellow writer, or maybe
    I'm just looking for adventure.
    Probably, adventure. Why else would I rent this bus instead of flying? Man, this is awesome.
    Feels like I'm in a rock band.

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