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My Accomplishments: A report

lisab on 29. Nov, 2015 — Lang: English

My Accomplishments: A report
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    I got so much done,
    it's kind
    of freaking
    me out.


    A report,
    on the daily.


    we got up and drove south in the snow.

    snow on the road, anyway.

    birthday waffles with a granddaughter, you know.


    we came home and each coped with the fact that we felt a strong need for a long winter's nap.

    I graded first.

    Seriously, I did.

    O! Nap of Our Desiring!

    double click to write...

    pillow of our desiring

    double click to write...

    blankets & sheets of our desiring,
    and so forth.

    then, and I am not kidding you, I was like a dervish of getting things done, because I

    * screened a bunch of poetry manuscripts
    * made, and then edited and altered, our moviegoing plans (in consultation with the historian)
    * went to that movie (Brooklyn, fyi, which was good but maybe a little slow)
    * came home and made and ate some popcorn
    * took the dog for a walk, on slick sidewalks, and
    * made this cartoon.

    ...sounds like a regular Saturday to me.

    --pipe down, cat, you know literally NOTHING about productivity.

    daily, Saturday
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