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tyronecarino100 on 21. Nov, 2015 — Lang: No text

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  • Description

    Tribute to an old comic.

    This strip is a reply to Crystal Castles @ Blipfest
    blood, axe
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  • abrotons 24.2.2017
    too violebnt to watcjh
  • Erwinator 22.11.2015
    No, you can fortunately use the mask button .

    Search a tutorial for it. :)
  • TheCheeseTaco 22.11.2015
    Oh, I get it now. you have to make all those individual lines and dots....
  • Erwinator 22.11.2015
    @Cheese Red and a weird blue are in your inventory; it's a shape I thought.

    edited by owner

  • TheCheeseTaco 22.11.2015
    How did you get color?

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