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Hi there!

Drawman on 18. Nov, 2015 — Lang: English

Hi there!
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    Hi there all! :3



    Hi there guys!

    This website si so cool!

    Well, see you later!

    hi, bunny, fish, me
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  • dibunt 23.11.2015
    Holi c:
  • Netrunner 19.11.2015
    Hi there too !
  • qenene 19.11.2015
    Welcome back
  • OccamsRayzor 18.11.2015
    Cute little fish guy.
    Please don't use this second account for sock-puppet mischief - i.e votes for yourself.
    I'm sorry to bring it up, but there's been a lot of that in the past :)
  • tyronecarino100 18.11.2015
    Welcome back, mate.
  • craigdragon 18.11.2015
    Yes, don't get rid of Chuloman! Nice strip and good to see you as Drawman. :)
  • Drawman 18.11.2015
    @Erwinator @Elgar Well I only do for fun, Chuloman will still there. I only want a "theme" acount or something like that.
  • A2H 18.11.2015
    Why hello. Looking forward to see what you can do for us. YOU CAN START BY SHINING MY SHOES
  • Erwinator 18.11.2015
    I see that your old account still exist. Please, don't delete it like some other people did.((if you wanted to do that) It's fun to keep those strips for others and yourself later. :)

    edited by owner

  • Erwinator 18.11.2015
    welcome back : D but why the new account? Your old one was quite good in my opinion.

    edited by owner

  • Elgar 18.11.2015
    Why the new account?
  • Elgar 18.11.2015
    Hi back! :)
  • MadameCercle 18.11.2015
    — Salut !!

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