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Stamp out False Flags!

Horatius on 16. Nov, 2015 — Lang: English

Stamp out False Flags!
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    OMG! There are so many crisis actors being used! It's so obvioulsy a flase flag attack! LoL!!

    Goddamn it, our over-reliance on the same four crisis actors is having a huge impact on how believalbe our false falg attacks are!

    Why do you only ever hire the same people? Aren't there literally thousands of unemployed actors out there?!?

    Well, there are some serious technical challenges in making fake attack footage! Using the same actors simplifies things!

    What "Things"?

    Oh, well, you know ... The pixel buffer rollovers, screen resolution destabization, hyper-colour pallette renormalization. Stuff like that. It's pretty technical. You just have to trust me.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some follow up work to do..., I've collected enough stamps to get the free steak knives, right?

    Sure, but with just four more false flag gigs, I can upgrade you to the set of chef's kives!

    Oh, let's do that then! I think I can book you two more crying gigs at bombings later this month!

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