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Aqua-Man: Stockholm

Similau on 19. Sep, 2015 — Lang: English

Aqua-Man: Stockholm
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    Took me long enough! Anyway, I am back! Again...

    I initially had planned for Clownski to possess Similau and wreck Azzie, but thought of this interesting alternative twist of events.

    I intend to continue and finish Aqua-Man this time. And then jump to other projects perhaps.

    Anyway, look forward to Azzie's reply!

    This strip is a reply to Aquaman: Let's bunny hunt



    So after many weeks of search with dragging Similau in ropes to an X on the ground, Azzie found the Demon Key burried there, which was a crystal. The bunnies were killed as their leader, the source of their regeneration, died.


    With that done, Similaurelunctantly showed them where to go. However, the travel was long and took 2 years. Similau failed 24 times to escape the Flying Dutchman in that period of time.

    In the second half of the first year, Similau apparently developped Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with Azzie. She was confused at first...

    Similau now practically demands to be held tied up, escaping and willingly getting caught to get her attention. Azzie now considers the option of using his Stockholm Syndrome to her advantage...

    Similau, Azzie13, Aqua-man
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  • NeoChomik 20.9.2015
    @Azzie: It's not a "faith in me" thing. SG Had So much "OH IM BACK, whoops, no I ain't " moments, nowadays being Sceptical is more logical than keeping that "faith"
  • Azzie13 20.9.2015
  • Similau 20.9.2015
    BRIBED! I did not expect this! YAY!
  • Azzie13 20.9.2015
    @neo: what a great faith do you have in me ;)

    You guys shall see what will happen
  • NeoChomik 19.9.2015
    if she ever reply.
  • craigdragon 19.9.2015

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