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Death and Jesus

GallowsHumor on 14. Sep, 2015 — Lang: English

Death and Jesus
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    Jesus comes to visit Death in hell.



    Hey Satan. I hear Jesus is coming by today. Any chance I can go---

    Thank you for your time.

    - No

    Later that day...

    ...Here kitty kitty kitty....

    God dammit


    It's Death...or the Grim Reaper, Santa Muerte, Ferry Man, Soul Collector, Michael. Any of those are good.

    You want some biscuits.......kitty?

    ugh, Mr. Kitty. And no I do not want some biscuits..

    What do you want Jesus?

    Wait, what is that noise? What are you doing?

    Do you mind if I..... vacuum?

    Three hours you left me hanging up there!

    I said I was sorry!

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