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SG Game 2015: Roll for taunting

NeoChomik on 9. Sep, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015: Roll for taunting
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    It may not be Action-heavy. but i wanted to make sure you understand something. Rudevald does NOT consider Milkman worthy of his time, so he ignores him as an opponent, yet. If anyone would try to taunt him, by mocking beer, which he drinks, he won't rage over it and attack this person. Not if he is not considered a threat by Rude.

    This strip is a reply to SG Game 2K15: I'm a new man now!



    huh... he looks like that little guy from battlefield.


    Huh... what a shame...

    you finally decided to fight back....

    And you hit like a girl...

    I will not be ignored by this asshole anymore! I know how to get your attention


    Oh look. A toddler who does not know any better. what are the odds.

    If I had to fight with anyone who can't mature enough to appreciate beer, I would be at constant fight with Neo.

    Dammit. He keeps pushing me around like if I was nothing, and he still finds time to chit-chat with that strange little man.

    If this will go on. I might need to step it up and fight with all I have... but first i need to get to my sword...

    *Le perfectly animated jumping back frame*

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