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SG Game 2015: Charizard Doesn't Care About You

Fredrick on 29. Aug, 2015 — Lang: English

SG Game 2015: Charizard Doesn't Care About You
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    craig brought me out of temporary retirement to take part in neo's game. If he'd told me earlier, would've been in from the start. when a brother has a game going on, fred is in the game.;) (p.s: charmeleon obviously evolved).

    This strip is a reply to SG Game 2015: rules



    Name: Fred

    Faction: Nomad

    Equipment: Fists and random available stuff

    Charizard: Calls Charizard to kill your ass.
    Lucky Right Hook: Occasionally throws an epic punch that destroys. Has a good defense, can take hits.

    Weakness: Aerosmith tunes, they temporarily drive him crazy and distracted. Otherwise, any normal stuff that'd hurt you.

    Name: Charizard

    Everything else: You played Pokemon, didn't you?

    charizard, fred, SG Game 2k15
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