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SG Game 2015: Must be immune or something...

NeoChomik on 17. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015: Must be immune or something...
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    A quick note. Rudevald won't get infected, because The Corruption feasts on Dark emotions, and he enjoys a good battle, therefore no dark emotions to infect.

    As for soul Consuming. He defends himself here.

    but will they leave this place?

    This strip is a reply to SG Game 2K15: Mysterious saviour



    Hey Dude... turn it off. I can't see which ass i am kicking!

    The light of my blade is the only thing that can hurt them,,,

    Hmph! Suit yourself.

    WAIT, You are covered in Corruption! Doesn't it infect you?!

    I dunno... i feel fine.

    The Corruption is supposed to consume your very soul!

    HAH! Then i guess this Corruption will starve to death on me. Gingers don't have soul!

    Suck it Corruption!

    *Sigh* Follow me. My sword should give us protection from those abominations!

    By the way. Nothing feels better than destroying heresy in the name of the Emprah!

    NeoChomik, SG Game 2k15, SG Game, Rudevald, SGG, Milkman
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  • Detective 18.8.2015
  • firelordA2 18.8.2015
    let's just say milk man's hat was rotated the other way
  • Ahintofsalt 18.8.2015
    Ha ha ha i cant stop laughing when he said gingers have no soul,i love it.
  • julian724 18.8.2015
    I'm pretty good at pespectu d
  • julian724 18.8.2015
    I see.....
  • NeoChomik 17.8.2015
    Im not good with perspective. tried to picture it by making one of the horns smaller.
  • julian724 17.8.2015
    Oh.........then why is his hat sideways?
  • NeoChomik 17.8.2015
    @Julian: when you look at somone's side, do you see those two eyes? the camera is facing them from the side. Rudevald just turned more towards it for his reasons only.
  • julian724 17.8.2015
    Btw milkman has two eyes...
  • julian724 17.8.2015
    I'll make the next one

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