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SG Game 2015 Character sheets: X and Hunters

NeoChomik on 16. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015 Character sheets: X and Hunters
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    A little boost to the good guys side, although they already seem to be beefed up as they are. but you know, let's even the numbers.



    Name: C. Zero

    Name: Hunters assault unit.


    Race: Human

    Race: Human (clone)

    Faction: protectors

    Faction: protectors

    - Handgun
    - Pack of cigarettes

    - powered armor
    - a Variety of weaponry

    - Well trained in every form of combat, ranged and close quarters.
    - Fast and agile

    "Dirty gloves of Goverment"
    Hunters consists of the most elite soldiers, mercanaries and fighters the world ever knew. They give away their nationality and past to chase those, who escape the law in every form. They don't need to ask questions. When the Hunt is on, their target will be eliminated. They monitored Neo and co-operated with him, untill SG Game. He provided on their most advanced gear which they will use to get him.

    - No armor. if wounded he might be out of commision till he recovers, or die.
    - Hard to negotiate with.
    - Lacks the intelligence of original

    C. Zero is a hunter and enhanced genetic clone of NeoChomik... but not a perfect copy. he lacks Neo's brain and intellect. the scar on his cheek is a result of imperfect cloning process. He leads Hunters assault on the original Neo.

    - Powerful and techonologically advanced gear
    - despite the armor, Hunters are very agile.

    - Inability to differentiate who is an enemy and who is not. If someone is armed, they will react with hostility.
    - Vulnerable to EMP attacks. one charge can put armor out of commision for a long time

    Name: X (real name Unknown)

    Race: Human?

    Faction: protectors

    - Armor
    - Sword

    - Well trained in sword fight and close quarters
    - Fast and agile

    - Can't fight on long range
    - blinding attacks like flashbangs etc. are super effective if successful

    X Is a Super Hero and very little is known about him. Although his connection with Neo and Rude puts him at Hunter's wanted list as well, he joins the good guys in order to protect the city and it's people. In battle he is ruthless and does not hesitate to kill someone for sake of his "mission"

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  • Ahintofsalt 17.8.2015
    I agree 100 percent with you @Detective. He may aswell be known as "the chosen one".
  • Detective 17.8.2015
    X looks epic
  • Ahintofsalt 17.8.2015
    @A2H Okay man thanks.
  • A2H 16.8.2015
    @ahintofsalt Since you're new, I'd spend time practicing making different types of strips (you don't have to publish them, just mess about in the creator).

    This series has a reputation of being quite action orientated, so before you join the fight, make sure you know how to do it.

    Just some advice.
  • julian724 16.8.2015
    These characters could add something to this
  • Ahintofsalt 16.8.2015
    @NeoChomik well i have joined and been in other comic creating sites who have done around the same thing before but yeah i see what you mean as its a new site.And i hope to add a comedic character.
  • NeoChomik 16.8.2015
    @Ahinto: Welcome to the site. And if you want to join in, feel free to do so, i will try to aid you here and there, so that it will be easier. Although I admit, the whole gig might be a bit too much for a new user to jump into.
  • Ahintofsalt 16.8.2015
    Lol i was going to see if i could make a character after seeing all the comics.I might make one but i just started on this site,sooo probably not.

    edited by owner

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