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SG Game 2015: A job on the side

NeoChomik on 16. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015: A job on the side
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    MEANWHILE BACK IN STRIP CITY. BTW: If i find a song, that suits the mood of the strip i will put it in the comment section

    This strip is a reply to SG Game: The return of julian.



    Well well... looks like i found me some fun already...

    Do not Fight that guy yet....

    Why not? you said I am supposed to be in the field

    Yes, but it's not wise to throw my best men in. Besides I have a side job for you

    ... go on....

    I need something from Battlefield of the fallen. And I need it get done while everyone is trying to handle the assault in Strip City

    Why can't you send in one of your fancy robots to deliver you that something and let me kick ass like I always do?

    Because, Rudevald... you... are my... number 1 guy!

    don't touch me.

    Ok. I'm off... but what about this guy?

    Oh don't worry, about him...

    He has his hands full with my Robots. If he won't pay attention, he won't manage to save those people and fail as a hero...

    Dammit, How many of them he can throw in? it's like for each one i destroy, another two comes in...

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, SG Game 2k15, SG Game, SGG
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  • Elgar 16.8.2015
    Also trying to find a song .... we will see :)

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