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SG Game 2015: Camoleon

NeoChomik on 16. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015:  Camoleon
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    I made this character as an excuse to why some people seem to find me, when i don't want to (yes Julian, I am looking at you). There is a reason why My character is hiding and if one person could simply locate me, the whole set up goes to shit.
    and that's not nice now is it?



    Name: Stealth Unit Mk 2 "Camoleon"

    Race: Robot

    Faction: NeoChomik

    - Disguise kit v 1.06
    - Holografic projector.
    - cloaking device

    - Can Disguise himself as anyone he had scanned.
    - Can create holografic image of any area or room
    - Can go invisible to avoid detection

    - Easy to destroy
    - Cloak shows a blurred silhouette, which makes it easy to spot up close and in bright day.
    - Projection of area is flawed and cannot be used to fool anyone.

    This unit was originally made to be used for scouting and stealth purposes, but It's main purpose is to create an Illusory image of Neo to fool enemies or to contact with Allies, without leaving his hideout.

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  • Elgar 16.8.2015
    Oh man.... I love the way you're improvising! Well played :D
  • julian724 16.8.2015
    okay. you should check the comment I added on my comic.
  • NeoChomik 16.8.2015
    It's cool. I will play my way around it. That's the SG Game to you, playing around certain moves.
  • julian724 16.8.2015
    I can delete my comic if you need me to
  • julian724 16.8.2015

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