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SG Game 2015: Rudevald

NeoChomik on 15. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Game 2015: Rudevald
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    We are almost there. two more strips on the way



    Name: Rudevald

    Race: Human

    Faction: Destroyers

    - Chainsword
    - Mp3 Player with lots of Metal albums
    - an undefined amount of beer.

    - Cover is for pussies Rudevald NEVER takes cover. Increased reisistance to damage.
    - Juggernaut - he can smash through everything
    - Hold the F*cking line! Rudevald cannot be trampled, pushed back or flinch when he uses this power.

    - Ginger Pride - If enemy is not worthy, Rudevald won't fight.
    - Beer Fueled: Without beer he can't fight. He will occasionally stop the fight to grab a cold one.

    Rudevald and Neo go way back. They sticked together through a lot. In Battle, Rudevald is a pure Juggernaut. Strong, Tough and hard to take down. but He is not without weak points. He didn't join SG Game for idealistic purposes like his Battle Brother NeoChomik, but rather "for teh lulz"

    Did we mentioned he is male and Ginger?

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