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Left-handers day!

Fabiolars on 13. Aug, 2015 — Lang: No text

Left-handers day!
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  • MadameCercle 17.8.2015
    Difficile !
  • Fabiolars 15.8.2015
    Thanks for the comments!

    @cirkuz: Sorry but I don´t understand your comment u_u'
  • NBSloth 14.8.2015
    I`m left-handed. I wished I had two left hands.
  • JRMarklin 14.8.2015
    There are languages that are written and read from right to left
    Existen idiomas que se escriben y se leen de derecha a izquierda
  • JRMarklin 14.8.2015
    7h3r3 4r3 14ngu4j35 7h47 4r3 wri773n 4nd r34d fr0m righ7 70 13f7
    3xi573n idi0m45 qu3 53 35crib3n y 53 l33n d3 d3r3ch4 4 i2qui3rd4
  • Quag54 14.8.2015
    Congratz! I'll have to give you a hand for this one.
  • rocky 14.8.2015
    im lefthand :)
  • A2H 13.8.2015
    But it's right handers' day for the other 364 days. :P
  • cirkuz 13.8.2015
    is there a reason you no longer support me in here?
    if i did something to offend you i didnt mean too...
  • julian724 13.8.2015
    I'm a lefty...0_0
  • craigdragon 13.8.2015
    Yeah, I'm a righty. But, enjoy!:>)
  • EdWilder 13.8.2015
    ¡ǝuo ʇɐǝɹƃ ɐ ǝʌɐH
  • abrotons 13.8.2015
  • Erwinator 13.8.2015
    great solution for not making your hands dirty :P

    (I'm right handy ; is there also a day for us? )
  • Elgar 13.8.2015

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