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I've read the news...

Detective on 12. Aug, 2015 — Lang: No text

I've read the news...
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    I've read the news about SG , I know i was not here for a while but this just made me mad...

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  • julian724 14.8.2015
    I just did *cries*! this website was a huge part of my childhood.
  • Detective 14.8.2015
    @Elgar agreed
    @Craigdragon Yo
    @Fabiolars Hello
    @julian Read the lates SG blog post
  • Fabiolars 13.8.2015
  • julian724 13.8.2015
  • craigdragon 13.8.2015
  • Elgar 12.8.2015
    Well well well... What a wonderful idea is forming right here... It would be great if the comunity would own the site.. But I am afraid it's not posible
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    Yeah it's kinda sad.. Hellou :D
  • Erwinator 12.8.2015
    Same, I really like the website and the concept, but I don't have ideas and I'd like to see some new things too.
    Also it's stupid to see people leaving, so...

    And Hello : D

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  • Detective 12.8.2015
    @ATH Congrats :D
    @Elgar Maybe they will..maybe..they..WILL!
    @Neo It's one of the first things that made me quit SG. Noone gives a crap about the site.People like to see new things and SG did not change a thing..I just hope someone will buy the site and that It will go into right hands.
  • NeoChomik 12.8.2015
    @Detective: I blame many things.

    One of them is that Staff has literally abandoned the project and it's a miracle that the servers are up.

    The other one is Users losing intrest and quitting. Either because real life has caught on to them or they just feel bored or run out of ideas. the latter is why I don't make strips too often.
  • A2H 12.8.2015
    And some newbies might become legends. *wink wink* ;D
  • Elgar 12.8.2015
    Yeah... But it's also growing. And who knows. Legends may return one day ;)
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    Hahaha..I've missed this place Neo ,but the community is falling apart slowly..
  • NeoChomik 12.8.2015
    Long time no see.

    see you next Christmas xD
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    Hello abrotons! Long time no see.
  • abrotons 12.8.2015
    hi detective
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    Oh yeah.. I forgot that one :D
  • Elgar 12.8.2015
    And enjoy SG ;)
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    The only thing left to do is to hope and be mad .
  • Elgar 12.8.2015
    Who knows when it will come.. Tonight.. Tomorrow.. Or never? :D

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