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SG Retrospection: SG Games by Streetin

NeoChomik on 11. Aug, 2015 — Lang: Polski

SG Retrospection: SG Games by Streetin
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    Check booklets for SG Game

    This strip is a reply to SG Game 2015 Annoucment



    Brotha, I noticed you are not listening to my strip ideas. I demand explanation

    Sorry... was just reading back SG Game

    SG had a game?

    yeah. Before The Mafia and whatever space opera there was here with Hen. there were SG Games

    It was basically SG Users duking it out with each other.

    There were two sides: those who tried to save SG

    And those who tried to destroy it. Basic Good vs Evil stuff

    There were many "seasons" and people tended to change sides in between.

    Which side were you?

    As Far as the 1st game goes? I was the bad guy, with army of robots obviously.

    Sweet idea bro! can I see it?

    Well with many users leaving and deleting accounts, the archives are incomplete

    But Streetin still has some strips, so you can check those.

    Would be cool to pull of a stunt like that again...

    What stops you?

    Lack of participants.

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, Is not that whiney, SG Game, SGG, SSGG, Streetin
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  • julian724 6.4.2018
    Honestly someone needs to get on making an achive of what we can of the games.
  • craigdragon 13.8.2015
    Huh. I missed that one.
  • julian724 13.8.2015
    If you're willing to start one I will be a hero. I would use the demon inside of me for good. yes.
  • julian724 13.8.2015
    I was part of one...I was the gamemaster actually.
  • A2H 12.8.2015
    Congratz on bribed as well! :D
  • abrotons 12.8.2015
  • Elgar 12.8.2015
    Gosh... Where was I?
  • A2H 12.8.2015
    SG needs stuff like this to keep people active. I say, bring it on!
  • Detective 12.8.2015
    Good and Evil ?..I choose CHAOS!
  • rocky 12.8.2015
    so I'm in!
  • rocky 12.8.2015
    I just started on this site while the SG games were happening. it was one of the best things this site ever had, so sad it stopped, but I like to get it back :)
  • cirkuz 12.8.2015
    true that...

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