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Zek Contest Result

TitiVonTranz on 22. Jul, 2015 — Lang: English

Zek Contest Result
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    Really difficult decision, but the winner is Fabiolars for "Dolores Zek". Thanks for all your wonderful entries! XXX

    This strip is a reply to Zek Contest, Dolores Zek.



    Well, I said that I'd judge the zek contest on the 21st July, but I didn't get it done until this morning. This was much harder than I'd imagined, as the quality of the entries was so good.

    For me, the best ones were "Zeks Play Ball" (calm), "Dolores Zek" (Fabiolars), "The Zek Mermaid" (rapunzel18), "Enrollment In An Old Temple" (JRMarklin), "Zeketian Blinds" (abrotons), "Zek in Recursion" (Siaos) and "Zek Birds" (Neinire). The rest were all good too, though!


    So this year's "Golden Zek Award" goes to...

    Fabiolars for "Dolores Zek"!

    Thank you so much to:


    for their excellent entries. Always great to see some zek on SG! Thanks guys! XXX

    zek contest, zek, calm, Siaos, rapunzel18, Fabiolars, Stiltsen, abrotons, JRMarklin, MadameCercle, circuz, Neinire
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  • calm 24.2.2016
    Totally missed this strip as I was away for a while. I just stumbled across some zek strips which led me here! You hosted a fun contest! ~And great choice for the Golden Zek Award! Dolores Zek is awesome! Thanks for hosting! :-)
  • JRMarklin 23.7.2015
    It is very difficult to be judge, thanks Titi
    Es muy dificil ser juez, gracias Titi
  • A2H 23.7.2015
    Well done everyone!
  • TitiVonTranz 23.7.2015
    Thank you all. I was going to give 2nd & 3rd places, but judging first was so difficult that I decided against. XXX
  • Stiltsen 23.7.2015
    Awesome comp, well judged.
  • Siaos 23.7.2015
    Awesome contest!!
    Great work everyone!
  • Fabiolars 23.7.2015
    Thanks so much! I see awesome strips. All are great. :)
  • cirkuz 22.7.2015
  • Veronique 22.7.2015
  • craigdragon 22.7.2015
    Congratz to the winners!
  • abrotons 22.7.2015
    nice contest, Titi, and thanks!
    Felicidades Fabi!
  • TitiVonTranz 22.7.2015
    @rapunzel18: I really liked your mermaid, and it was such a difficult decision! XXX
  • rapunzel18 22.7.2015
    i aim so happy now :3

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