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Strive for the Prize, Part 3

Person_McPerson on 10. Jul, 2015 — Lang: English

Strive for the Prize, Part 3
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    let's keep striving.



    Hello and welcome to another comic of Strive for the Prize! I'm glad you guys all came back. Hopefully, anyway.

    As I have no face, I will have to wear this mask to express how happy I am. The first challenge these contestants will have is making teams of 5! Then we shall get to the actual challenge!

    Pffft. Who needs teams? I can do everything myself. And where do us contestants even live during this time?

    You shall be living in a giant mansion with the other contestants. We'll get to the mansion right after you people make teams.

    But these people suck. No way I'm teaming up with them.

    Then we'll have to take the shortcut and eliminate you instantly. Happy?

    Okay, I'll try to make teams with these foolish weirdos. I'm the only cool one. Thinking about it, why am I even here with you fools?

    You can join our team. If you want, of course.


    Boop, time's up. Have you guys decided your teams yet?

    You gave us only 30 seconds to decide teams...

    double click to write...

    Then I shall decide the teams for you guys then.

    Haha. Just kidding. I'll decide the team leaders to make things a little easier. The team leaders are Agent OG and Hilary Benson. I picked the team leaders randomly. Now get picking, people.

    I hate you.
    - Billy

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