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Feeling a Bit Sheepish!

calm on 20. Jun, 2015 — Lang: English

Feeling a Bit Sheepish!
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    I did it! I did it! I finally understand how to make a strip using frames...thanks to 35Sheep who talked me through using the "move in and move out of frame" buttons last night at 3:00 in the morning! Abrotons, you tried to help me too, but I didn't understand what buttons you were talking about, but I certainly do appreciate your help too!



    Oh, are these the buttons he was talking about?

    I'm feeling a bit sheepish now!

    When you click an item IN a frame and bring it "to the front", it will be placed in front of the items that are in the same frame.

    I guess I figured that if the element looked in the frame -- it was in the frame.

    Let's see, he didn't mention anything about the Edit objects or Edit frames buttons. Hmmm...

    35Sheep said, "If you have accidentally placed an object outside the frames, you can click it, press 'move to frame' and then click the frame you want it in."

    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    Move to frame

    Out of Frame

    Last night at 3:00 AM

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  • mansoor 2.2.2016
  • MadameCercle 16.11.2015
    — 35sheep est un excellent professeur.
  • cirkuz 22.6.2015
  • NeoChomik 20.6.2015
    have you checked eye doctor?
  • Fabiolars 20.6.2015
    Well , first I confess I don´t use all buttons, when I made strips. And second: Lol!

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  • Quag54 20.6.2015
    Good example !
  • firelordA2 20.6.2015
  • 35sheep 20.6.2015
    Good girl! :-D
  • abrotons 20.6.2015
    he he he ...great
  • TitiVonTranz 20.6.2015
    Well done to 35sheep (and also to pen lol). I knew about these, but have found out that you can leave objects out of frame without them misaligning. (I'd tried it when I first started, and had a strange result so never tried again!).

    Lovely strip too, calm, and you are one of my favourites on here. We all have our strengths, weaknesses & "touches"; vive la différence and enjoy! XXX
  • rapunzel18 20.6.2015
  • qenene 20.6.2015
    NOOB! ;D

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  • Pen_alias 20.6.2015
    You should thank me too. By not attempting to explain it to you, I saved you from much confusion
  • calm 20.6.2015
    @OR, that's a very good question! Haha! Like I said in an earlier strip, I don't usually use the framed panel strips. My favorite medium is the blank 2 row frame. I like making my own dividers between panels. I struggled with the strips like above, so I hardly used them. I was so frustrated trying to use this method the other day, that I finally admitted that I needed help. I only have 2 days as Featured Artist...hopefully I won't be stripped of that title with my admission of still being a bit of a fiddler! hehe! :-)
  • OccamsRayzor 20.6.2015
    How on Earth did you get to "God" level without knowing this? :D

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