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Argumentum Ad Cognitio

Horatius on 1. Jun, 2015 — Lang: English

Argumentum Ad Cognitio
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    ...and that, Bollix, is why I disagree with your conclusion!

    You STILL disagree with me? Well, then clearly you just don't know as much as I do about this subject!

    Seriously? You're just going to dismiss my arguments on the assumption that you know more than me?

    I've got an advanced degree in this subject! Here's a copy of my Masters' Dissertation! I can show you copies of articles I've written about this for all the leading journals!

    So how can you say that I only disagree with you because I don't know as much as you?

    Well, clearly that can be the only reason! If you knew as much as I do about this...'d agree with me!


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