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The D is silent

Elgar on 7. May, 2015 — Lang: No text

The D is silent
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  • Fizzle 3.1.2016
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Tarantino movie with Samuel L. Jackson, 'The Hateful Eight' in the cinema.

    By the way Jamie Foxx and DiCaprio performed so well in this movie.
  • stihl 2.1.2016
    yes! great work here, favs :))
  • kennyreid 2.1.2016
    Amazing, utterly amazing
  • Brezhoneg 15.12.2015
    Great ! ^^
  • Varg 15.12.2015
    Perfect!! And I LOVE that movie!
  • Patrickfan9 21.7.2015
    Awesome job!
  • Elgar 7.6.2015
    Good luck, mate! :)
  • Tproductions 7.6.2015
    Well i've actually already made a few bucks by making this poster for a musical tour in Norway. Let's see if I can make and sell more posters! :)
  • Elgar 7.6.2015
    Starting a poster business? :D I was looking on your other creations and they are amazing! You can make a lot of money by selling your art! Fingers crossed ;) :D :D
  • Tproductions 7.6.2015
    Great design!

    I recently made a Django Unchained poster as well.
    Not on StripGenerator though. :P
    Check it out here:
  • Siaos 25.5.2015
  • akrimony 23.5.2015
    This is a super like!
  • Fizzle 22.5.2015
    Another strip by Elgar, another piece of art.
  • Quag54 13.5.2015
    This looks fantastic !
  • Neinire 11.5.2015
    Amazing Elgar again, I didnt see the movie yet:) Měla bych?
  • abrotons 9.5.2015
    awsome! hehe
  • JRMarklin 9.5.2015
    That good movie poster
    Que buen cartel de película
  • A2H 8.5.2015
    Love this film. Love this strip.
  • Erwinator 8.5.2015
    Sawcit in the cinema:D
  • Ambrosius77 8.5.2015
    I loved the movie too.

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