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emenike69 on 3. May, 2015 — Lang: Espanol

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    Michael and Joy were two students who started the university that year, and both no kwen nobody

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    Michael had no problems to making friends

    But Joy was not so lucky

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    For his, Joy only concentrated on studies, and she got good califications

    okey, morning I have a exam of science, I´m secure that I good note

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    And Michael, he just studying, and his califications there were very tight

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    hey men, there´s a party tonigth, are you coming, no?

    tomorrow we have a test, but okey

    The course was continue, and Joy and Michael touched them together a investigation. In this moment they met. They was very different between, they conected in a special form

    Michael will start to like Joy, and Joy fells the same

    Joy, Would you like leave with me this Saturday?


    Of course, it will be a place

    In little time they began a serious relationship

    you´re the best thing that ever happened to me

    I love you

    in the final exams, Joy was studied, but Michael decided to went a party

    And, Michael met other girl..

    Let´s go to a more ´´private´´ place

    Let´s go!

    Joy found about this, and..

    I thought you were not so. You have broken my heart

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