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Siaos the Ghost pg.8

Siaos on 1. May, 2015 — Lang: English

Siaos the Ghost pg.8
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    Friends? Foes? Nobody knows.



    Bruce, are you conscious?


    Bruce Wayne, can you hear me?



    Really? Ugh.

    Oh! Did someone say something?


    Yes, well... I'm not God if that's who you're waiting for... now please try to move.


    Your arm is broken, crushed to keep you in that trap...

    Lucifer wants to keep you here as his trophy, he's already tried selling your soul.

    Now... I can free you, and bring you to Siaos. However this freedom relies on you allowing him to finish his training.

    After which you are free to do whatever you wish. Do we have an agreement?

    Ever get the feeling you're being watched?

    My left arm is stuck.

    Batman, Siaos, Ghost, New, Eight.
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  • stihl 2.12.2019
    Every morning i brake mi arms and every afternoon i break my legs
  • craigdragon 1.5.2015
    Strange dealings going on here.
  • Siaos 1.5.2015
    Ah indubitably...
  • cirkuz 1.5.2015
    the word "friend" is so subjective here...
  • EdWilder 1.5.2015

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