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Siaos the Ghost pg.7

Siaos on 29. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Siaos the Ghost pg.7
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    Siaos has been sent on a path that starts with a riddle, but you knew that.



    So... I can only ask a question to one of these guards.
    One of them lies, the other tells the truth.
    One wants me to take the path towards real death...
    One wants me to take the path towards good stuff...
    No way to tell which is which....

    Hmm... I could ask one to tell me something I already know... but maybe the truth teller isn't guarding the safe path... still makes it 50/50.

    The question needs to show me not only who the liar is... but which path is safe.

    Since I have no clue who will lie, the question should be able to be asked to either while still showing me the safe path and pointing out who the liar is... I think I've got it...

    Which path would the other guard tell me leads to safety ?

    He would tell you that his path is the way to safety.

    Then I choose your path.

    Riddles, Siaos, Ghost, Seven, Comic
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