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Congruent Tirangle Logo project pt.3

Flamingdeath on 27. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Congruent Tirangle Logo project pt.3
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    I followed the directions semi-exactly.

    Hey, does anyone suck at typing when they look at the screen, but become a ninja-typer if they're watching their hands? I do.



    My logo was made using triangles, to start with. There were originally three, all of them the same size, stacked on top of each other. Then two smaller triangles, also the same size, were created and placed at the top and bottom of the original three. Then their colors were changed accordingly with what they were meant to be in relation to the design. The middle three green, the top yellow, and the bottom brown. Everything else, except the bat on top, was made without triangles. The bat I had made several months ago and I cant remember how many triangles went into the making of it. I chose to design my logo this way because I am an avid lover of Christmas and its season, and also of skulls and bats. Combining the three was a very natural thing for me to do, since I've hand-drawn similar things before.All the triangles contribute to the overall beauty by accurately resembling the object it is meant to be; a Christmas tree. The skulls and bat are just eye candy. Without the shape of the triangles, the whole thing would be ruined. All middles triangles are congurent, as are the two smaller triangles at the top and bottom. This can be checked with SAS, Side-Angle-Side.

    Merry Halloween!

    logo, triangle, congurency, mine, Christmas
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  • Fizzle 3.1.2016
    Hereby I declare that the loominarty has been confirmeferinofied.
  • A2H 19.8.2015
    Yeah, Illuminati confirmed.
  • thecomedyhen 28.4.2015
    I type faster if i dont look at the keys, the spelling it terrible but it is faster. Check this

    djknsjkdfnjksd jdhfijds dsifhdskjfn sdifh sd idfsdf dslfn sdofsd fidshf dfkns dfosidhi p ojep ohfreoij dsjb sioudhf sdfndsfho sidh<- typed all that in like a second without looking at the keys
  • cirkuz 27.4.2015
    i gots my brain wired to the puter so i dont have to type...
  • MadameCercle 27.4.2015
    * * *
  • craigdragon 27.4.2015
    That would be the best kind of holiday!
  • abrotons 27.4.2015
    just great

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