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Congruent Triangle Logo porject pt.2

Flamingdeath on 27. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Congruent Triangle Logo porject pt.2
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    The last one is my own logo. It's a chrsitmas tree with a bat and skulls on it.



    This is the logo for the car company Mitsubishi. It is a triangle made of diamonds. These diamonds are positioned to form not just a single triangle, but three smaller white triangles as well. The triangle may have been chosen because the circle, hexagon, and octogon shapes with this color scheme would have looked like the logo for Umbrella Corp. from the Resident Evil franchise. If that was not the case, it may have been the simple yet memorable design. It's a triangle made of oher triangles. Just saying that makes it memorable., a must-have for any business.

    This Triforce from The Legend of Zelda franchise is made up of three triangles, creating one triangle made of three triangles that also creates a triangle in the center. These triangles are congruent. It can be proven with the use of SSS, the Side-Side-Side method of congruency testing. The design of this logo is most likely 99% due to the name of the object, a Triforce. The prefix tri, meaning three, would make any other shape a poor fit for this logo. Also, the names Quadforce, Pentaforce, or Octoforce do not roll of the tongue as easily, so there is the marketing factor to consider.

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