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Congruent Triangle Logo project pt. 1

Flamingdeath on 27. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Congruent Triangle Logo project pt. 1
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    Yeah, you guys probably don't care about my geometry homework do ya? Well too bad! It needed doing!



    The first logo with a triangle is the second Iron Man symbol in the cinematic universe. It appears in the movie Iron Man 2, when Tony Stark creates a new power source for his chest device that keeps shrapnel out of his heart. The change from the circle symbol to this triangle may be because the triangle is the strongest form in nature, and maybe the change occurs in the comics, so it'd be for the sake of continuity were that the case.

    Second is the Google Play Store logo, which everyone without Apple is familiar with. It is shaped the same as a "Play" icon, which is a triangle. It differs from an ordinary triangle by having two different colored triangles inside, to give it a more pleasing color scheme. It is most likey shaped like a "play" icon becuase it is for the Google Play Store, and the designers took some inspiration from the name, and the "play" icon from DVD players, video games, and other electronic devices.

    (No straight green object was available)

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  • A2H 19.8.2015
    Illuminati confirmed?
  • firelordA2 29.4.2015
    that makes all mutch more sence.....Iron man's chest confirms Illuminati *ear rape x-files music*
  • cirkuz 27.4.2015
    i care!
    well almost
    good to see you back...
  • MadameCercle 27.4.2015
    Belle présentation !
  • craigdragon 27.4.2015
    As long as you get an A, right?;>)
  • abrotons 27.4.2015
    I think it's great!

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