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Siaos the Ghost pg.6

Siaos on 17. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Siaos the Ghost pg.6
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    Oh no! Have we seen the last of Batman? or will the devils' help actually pay off?



    Having followed the fleeing devil through a portal on earth. Batman must now travel through hell in order to find Lucifer.

    Ahh, you wish to make a deal... very well.

    You're known for your one sided deals Lucifer, but what I want is already in your favor. I need you to void my soul, like you did Siaos'.

    Hahaha... again, very well. Your soul shall be no more bound to this world than any other.

    Oh and Batman...

    I didn't void Siaos' soul.

    Wait, what did you just sa... AAAHHH!

    Batman, Siaos, Devil, Ghosts, Thriller, Mountains, Deals, Sneaky
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