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I'm back! But prolly not for long.

Cheesepizza on 16. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

I'm back! But prolly not for long.
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    What's been happening?

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  • MadameCercle 11.5.2015
    "What's been happening? " - - -- oui, c'est la bonne question.
  • AverageGuy 17.4.2015
    Well, I also noticed that they had the women's rights things 2015 going on. Maybe that says something?
  • AverageGuy 17.4.2015
    I actually talked to occams yesterday wondering why
    I couldn't buy theme packs. He said:
    It would appear that the site owners have removed theme packs from sale. I suspect that they don't have the payment process in place any more, as there has been no site development for a long time.

    To me I have always thought that stripgenerator might be going down hill. Someone check the facebook page.
  • abrotons 16.4.2015
    Cheesepizza: welcome back
  • abrotons 16.4.2015
    craig, cirkuz, everybody: I'm worried too
  • craigdragon 16.4.2015
    @cirkuz: I wanted to say that! Dangit....;>)
  • thecomedyhen 16.4.2015
    Not much
  • cirkuz 16.4.2015
    theres the fear of this site closing down because you cant buy theme packs anymore...
  • Neinire 16.4.2015
    Fish flying!:D Welcome:)
  • Fabiolars 16.4.2015

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