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Parallel Bones #6

SnakeDelro on 5. Apr, 2015 — Lang: English

Parallel Bones #6
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    Is this gimmick stupid? Yes.



    Would you be okay if your parents ended up getting divorced?

    I think I'll be fine. It'll all help me write my book

    I think what's most depressing about you saying that is that I can tell that you've said it before multiple times and you still have never started on your book.

    Dude my parents are getting divorced. Go easy on me a little.

    Hey author, I don't know what kind of story you're trying to write for me, but I'd appreciate if it didn't continue to involve me being stuck in a door.

    You're not going to get anywhere by whining about how you aren't going anywhere.

    Thanks author! Once again instead of being helpful, you were a passive aggressive asshole

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