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Comfy Corner 7

TitiVonTranz on 10. Mar, 2015 — Lang: English

Comfy Corner 7
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    Well, I missed International Women's Day, but here is a feminist rant of a song from the 1920s which we sing as part of our cabaret act. Might be a tense moment for the menfolk (and I am aware of the irony), but not aimed at any of you in particular - least of all Ray! XXX

    This strip is a reply to Comfy Corner 6



    The battle for emancipation
    Has been raging since history began

    Yes, feminists of every nation
    Want to throw off the chains made by man

    Hula girls and housemaids and wives in Maribou
    Hear all our voices thunder in protest!

    Anything that men do women can do too
    And more than that we women do it best!

    Chuck all the men out of the Reichstag!
    And chuck all the men out of the courthouse!

    Men are the problem with humanity
    They’re blinded by their vanity
    Women have passively embraced them
    When we could have easily outpaced them

    She talkin' to me?

    Yes we should have long ago replaced them
    Or better yet erased them!

    If we haven’t made our feelings clear
    We women have had it up to here!

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  • julian724 14.1.2018
    Edgy and ironic.
  • Fabiolars 12.3.2015
    @tch: XD
  • rapunzel18 11.3.2015
  • cirkuz 10.3.2015
    i didnt start the fire its been always burnin' since the world's been turnin'
  • craigdragon 10.3.2015
    I'm not offended. After all, the subject is one that will be debated for as long as their are people on Earth.;>)
  • asfaltocaldo 10.3.2015
    awesome song! and more so considering it was conceived and performed before the great women's movement of the 70s started.
    interesting to get to know what preceeded and let this movement get born later. a good piece of women's history, thank you!

    lol hennie! :D
  • thecomedyhen 10.3.2015
    I'm just saying thats something we can definitely do better :)
  • TitiVonTranz 10.3.2015
    @thecomedyhen: Yes, I'll give you that one! Not much of an argument, though? "Men should be in charge because they are better at peeing standing up" ;-)

    This song always gets an audience reaction, anyway! XXX
  • thecomedyhen 10.3.2015
    I bet guys pee standing up better than girls
  • EdWilder 10.3.2015
    What is old is new.
  • TitiVonTranz 10.3.2015
    @snakeoil: ;-)

    @EdWilder: Yes, most of our material is 1920s & 30s, A few slightly later or earlier, but this and a lot of the socio-political ones are still relevant nearly 90 years later! XXX

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  • EdWilder 10.3.2015
    Really old school...
  • TitiVonTranz 10.3.2015ännern-friedrich-hollaender-1926

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  • snakeoil 10.3.2015
    I've heard that the down fall of every good man was a woman
    so I think we're pretty even
    besides i don't even own a woman!
    lol ;P

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