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Comfy Corner 6

TitiVonTranz on 9. Mar, 2015 — Lang: English

Comfy Corner 6
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    Occy is running the bar, and the club starts to fill up with ladies! (Surely no link between these?). I made a character for Anna - hopefully she will like it!

    Intend to follow this with a strip version of our feminist song. I could get to do this yesterday for International Women's Day, but hopefully tomorrow! XXX

    This strip is a reply to Comfy Corner 5



    Occy was working bar at the club

    Czech out that beauty in the pink frock!

    He'd noticed that it was starting to fill up with some really swell dames.

    Classy lady coming in! Looks Italian?

    Titi spotted them too. Time to make a change to the next number!

    Our next song is dedicated to all the lovely ladies in the audience!

    Jawohl, Herr Doktor!

    "Chuck Out The Men"?

    Comfy Corner, Cabaret Berlin, OccamsRayzor, neinire, asfaltocaldo, Titi von Tranz, Herr Doktor
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