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wich on 6. Feb, 2015 — Lang: English

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  • wich 8.2.2015
    Thx for bribed :D
  • paco_de_pinda 8.2.2015
    Modern art* ;)
  • Tproductions 7.2.2015
    Wonderful work, Wich!
    Congrats on bribed!
  • DonutNinja 7.2.2015
    Art: I dunno...
  • ckopo 7.2.2015
    @wich Try "Everything is a Remix" series. It has refreshed my sight on art. Because, well, it's in the name.

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  • Neinire 7.2.2015
    Gratuluju k bribed!:)
  • Neinire 7.2.2015
    jojo, tomu se říká umění:D
  • rapunzel18 7.2.2015
    wow this is art!!!
  • MadameCercle 7.2.2015
    No comment utilisable.
  • Fabiolars 7.2.2015
    Mmmm it´s a Pollock?
  • abrotons 6.2.2015
  • craigdragon 6.2.2015
  • NeoChomik 6.2.2015
    Art... it has a various forms and shapes. for some it's great musical masterpiece. for some it's the painting. For me? I find comedy as the finest of arts. the smile and laugh of people beats any music or painting to me.

    sadly in that terms im poor artist.
  • wich 6.2.2015
    Stop cleaning your scren and tell me:
    What has changed your mind on art - film, documentary, book?
    Recomment me some books or films about art :D
    And tell anything you want about art!!!

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