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A Catholic Arab Town in The Kingdom of Valencia

abrotons on 23. Jan, 2015 — Lang: No text

A Catholic Arab Town in The Kingdom of Valencia
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  • ourWorld_Online 27.8.2016
    really nice architecture
  • AverageGuy 8.3.2015
  • rukowski 1.2.2015
    Very good
  • JRMarklin 26.1.2015
    I live in Valencia in Venezuela, a commercial and industrial city, but with the current rulers, everything is half stopped ...
    Yo vivo en Valencia la de Venezuela, una ciudad comercial e industrial, aunque con los actuales gobernantes, todo está medio detenido...
  • OliverStrip 25.1.2015
  • MissSuugar 25.1.2015
    O.o this is intense
  • MadameCercle 24.1.2015
    Très réussi !
  • Elgar 24.1.2015
    Wow...looks great!
  • Veronique 24.1.2015
    Pues como dices!
    Era claro ,n o?
    es que son divinas


    Felicidades en el doble!
  • wich 24.1.2015
  • Tproductions 24.1.2015
    Congrats on bribed btw!
  • Tproductions 24.1.2015
    Wow! This is awesome!
  • TitiVonTranz 24.1.2015
    Muy precioso! XXX
  • asfaltocaldo 24.1.2015
    bello e suggestivo, esprime bene la ricchezza culturale di quel particolare pezzo di mondo che è il Mediterraneo :)))
  • Fabiolars 24.1.2015
    Que preciosidad!
  • abrotons 24.1.2015
  • Erwinator 24.1.2015
    Whats your hometown if I may ask?:D
  • abrotons 24.1.2015
    the church is from my home town... the blue tiled roofs are widespread in Valencian churches, the rest is just invented, it could be many villages, most of them starting by Al or Ben (the, and son of in Arabic)

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  • craigdragon 24.1.2015
    Simply awesome.
  • abrotons 24.1.2015

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