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Freedom of Speech (?)

NeoChomik on 17. Jan, 2015 — Lang: Polski

Freedom of Speech (?)
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    Guest starting: Zoltar

    I see the recent incident in France as a tragedy, because lives were taken away, someone lost someone dear to them, be it friend, family, beloved. However, I find making Charlie Hebdo martyrs a bit... nevermind.

    Some people say "but it was just a satire. Those overly religious freaks overdone it with the killing. " Sure, no one has the right to take the life of others in the name of ideas or religion.

    Some peeps used that recent event as "Religion is bad, you should quit" argument. But Religion is not root of all evil . The only fault in it is the fact, that people constantly use it to justify their wrong doings. And the same happens to this glorious Freedom of Speech. Some people decided to use it as a shield, so that they can go and insult others however they please.

    And Why did i put and SG Veteran, Zoltar here you may ask? Well some other SG Veterans here might know why (Cirkuz Perhaps?)
    I might've wrongly express my point of view on the matter. If you want to discuss it with me, we can go on to PM's (or u2u's if someone still remember this acronym.)

    This strip is a reply to mercredi 7 janvier 2015



    As human being, living in modern world, we have a lot of rights, Human Rights to be exact.

    But there is one particular Human Right that caught attention of many lately. That right is ...


    ... Freedom of speech. The right to say whatever you want, however you want and not being judged nor censored in any form.

    The recent Charlie Hebdo incident brought up the discussions about this right.


    Let's make this clear. Charlie Hebdo was a tragedy. People died and sincere condolences to families of those who died on that day. But some people see that incident as an assault on freedom of speech.

    No doubt, it is certainly one. But can we possibly say that this right, the freedom of speech without censorship, a bit used in morally ambigue way?

    Some people use Freedom of Speech as a weapon, to deliver their opinions and views, that are insultive to be race and belief of other's.

    Why the fuck you show ME?

    Freedom of Speech? Or maybe Freedom of Insult? Is it right to use it to mock one's Freedom of thought, conscience and religion?

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  • NeoChomik 20.1.2015
    @Cirkuz: Agree on the first one. But sometimes we might refuse to see something for what it is and still believe in what we want to see.

    on Second one: a mixture of both is easier to swallow hm? but some people still preffer to sugarcoat the mix with sweet lies than bitter truth.

    And from your comment, I am not sure if you understood WHY I put Zoltar in this comic strip in the first place. Not because I like him or anything. He was just a perfect example of using "freedom of speech" as a shield to justify his insulting strips. And I think his short episode as SG Staff member ( i think he had Occams current position, but my memory is foggy.) might be another reason.
  • cirkuz 19.1.2015
    "yes neo we all know!"
    what we all see we want to believe and sometimes when we see it for what it is we cant believe what we saw in it...
    truth and lies are so much alike they're both so hard to believe that a little of both is easier to swallow
    hey you like zoltar so much go a head and put it in every strip you make i'll still rate and comment on your strip
    i'm still here and well zoltar [without his sock puppets] is what he always was nothing...

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  • paco_de_pinda 19.1.2015
    This strip is both interesting and entertaining (the tags to give an example). The last frame sums up the problem current issue the world is having: you are allowed to say everything you want, but you can use that to insult groups of people too. When is it an opinion and when is it an insult? I can understand that the strips of Charlie Hebdo weren't the nicest and I would get it totally if they used the pen as weapon to show what they think of it. Killing is far behond giving a opinion. This was murder. That is my opinion.
  • Azzie13 19.1.2015
    Good point of view, there is indeed a lot going on freedom of speech and censorship and discriminating.
    When it is to much? Where is the line?
    And yes Zoltar... what can we say... we love/hate him all. ;)
  • Elgar 18.1.2015
    Yeah.... Zoltar -.- :D
  • craigdragon 17.1.2015
    True that man!
  • wich 17.1.2015
    You're goddamn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Neinire 17.1.2015
    Good speech. (Remembered Zoltar, true evil;)
  • shireBAGGINS69 17.1.2015
    Good work!
  • MadameCercle 17.1.2015
    Et j'ai la même difficulté avec l'anglais ....


    And I have the same difficulty with English ....
  • NeoChomik 17.1.2015
    @MadameCercle: Bien sûr, vous le pouvez. Mais je dois vous avertir que je ne peux pas parler français. Maintenant, je utilise un traducteur.
  • NeoChomik 17.1.2015
    @Horatius: I meant "Judged" as in "going to jail". When it goes to the extremes it's conisdered a "Hate speech" and i dont know if those are considered crimes or not.
  • MadameCercle 17.1.2015
    Je vais réfléchir à ce que vous dites.

    (si je le peux, je répondrai peut-être par des strips)

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  • Horatius 17.1.2015
    Well, you make a mistake when you say freedom of speech means you're free from "being judged" for what you say. There's freedom of speech, that's an absolute, but there's no "freedom from consequences". If you talk like an asshole, then people will judge you to be an asshole.

    The solution to bad speech isn't less speech, it's more speech. Go ahead and tell people they're being assholes. Encourage others to stop listening to them. But when you start pulling out guns, you've gone too far.
  • Tproductions 17.1.2015
    Hmm.. good strip

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