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Create your disease.

Elgar on 16. Jan, 2015 — Lang: Česky

Create your disease.
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  • Varg 15.12.2015
    I have a feeling that this is precisely the sort of game I would be playing if I had a smartphone! I'm a geek when it comes to infectious diseases!
  • weirdoboy 9.3.2015
    cool can everyone see my strips please
  • MIGY 8.3.2015
    Great ;) !
  • A2H 10.2.2015
    I played this game. It's called Pandemic 2. It's a flash game. The two games are quite similar. I'm not sure what came out first though...
  • paco_de_pinda 19.1.2015
    I've seen this game before, it looks like fun
  • Elgar 17.1.2015
  • asfaltocaldo 17.1.2015
    great image, conga on bribed!
    my vote for you as next FA :)
  • Elgar 17.1.2015
    @wich: po cestě do školy není nic lepšího, než pozabíjet pár lidí :D
  • Tproductions 17.1.2015
    Woop awesome!

    Conga on bribed! :-)
  • wich 17.1.2015
    hraješ, jo? Já jsem to viděl a u někoho a nevim....
  • MadameCercle 17.1.2015
    Qualité !
  • Fabiolars 17.1.2015
    Oh! Thanks for the recomendation.
  • thecomedyhen 16.1.2015
    Super addictive
  • NeoChomik 16.1.2015
    Better get smartphone version. PC one is waaaay to expensive for moi
  • mangoh 16.1.2015
    My brother named his disease Obama. "Obama has killed off the entire population."
  • craigdragon 16.1.2015
    I've played that game. It's actually kind of fun.
  • Erwinator 16.1.2015
    Try to infect Madagascar:p
  • Neinire 16.1.2015
    Opravdu hra? Taková šilená hra?:D
  • abrotons 16.1.2015
    It's the world that can infect me, I'm afraid
  • rapunzel18 16.1.2015
    :p coool!!!!

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