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Theatre Of Hate

rukowski on 9. Jan, 2015 — Lang: العربية

Theatre Of Hate
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  • opeluna1 15.1.2015
    too much hate in the world
    there must be understanding, forgiveness and love to all
    no matter what
  • craigdragon 12.1.2015
  • Erwinator 10.1.2015
    welcome back here :)
  • Drachir 10.1.2015
    Lost inside my sick head
    I live for you but I'm not alive
    Take my hand before I kill
    I still love you, but, I still burn

    Yeah, love, hate, love
    Yeah, love, hate, love
  • asfaltocaldo 10.1.2015
    your unmistakable style, nice to see u back here ruko!
  • JRMarklin 10.1.2015
    What kind of beliefs in the world ...
    Que clase de creencias hay en el mundo...
  • Netrunner 9.1.2015
  • MadameCercle 9.1.2015
    * * *

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