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anonymous on 6. Jan, 2015 — Lang: English

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    I still do not know what i did to get banned. You said i stole library items but i know i am not the only one who does this. And i was offensive but so is Zoltar. I am only anonymous stripping because i do not have access to my profile, when i had my profile and someone annoyed me i did not make an anonymous strip about them , i did it like a man from my own profile. (Ask Cirkuz).

    Unban me sir, this has gone on long enough

    This strip is a reply to gym



    I think ,you should talk to Occam to try to solve this problem in stead of doing this.

    Or if it is possible an opinion of an another admin/mod here if they are still active

    How can i ask Occam if i do not have access to my profile? One day i was just banned and now forced to anonymous strip like a hobo

    Please Occam unban me so i can stop with these shitty strips and have a library. It is very time consuming making all of these incredible objects from scratch everytime



    scamatoon, paco_my_boy!
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  • cirkuz 13.2.2015
    yes you were an asshole cant deny you that...
    but seeing you beg like a slutty dog brigs tears of laughter to my eyes...
    their right laughing last is best...
    but hey dont stop here maybe if you gravel some more...
  • paco_de_pinda 7.1.2015
    I see I see....
  • paco_de_pinda 6.1.2015
    Scama my boy!! Nice to see you again!
    When are you coming back? I know you don't want to harm anyone. Can't you make a new account which is called: Scamatoon? I know you have to start over again.. and that sucks.. It was fun knowing you and it's too bad you're gone now.

    ~ a friend
  • Erwinator 6.1.2015
    There's a contact button at the webpage.
    Scroll down, and you'll see it.

    edited by owner

  • NeoChomik 6.1.2015
    library theft is one thing. or maybe " Borrowing without permission" is more like it.

    Offensivness... Well I think you and Zolty boy were similar in that matter, but you went one step further. Or you just happened to go for it under managment changes when people got tired of this shit.

    But all of this aside. If you show NO remorse for your past actions at ALL. In my eyes, you should stay banned untill you get bored of this site.

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